iSage Fair Use Policy

By using or subscribing to any iSage Internet phone or data service(s), you are subject to the following Fair Use Policy.

The following steps will occur if we consider that a service is showing excessive use:

  1. 1st Month - iSage may contact individual customers, who have been identified as exceeding three (3) times the average usage of all iSage customers, to discuss their usage requirements. Where a peak in usage occurs but is not expected to continue, then alternative arrangements may not be necessary.
  2. 2nd Month - If the excessive usage continues in a second billing period, a second contact may be made to discuss an alternative plan.
  3. 3rd Month - If the excessive usage continues into the third billing period, the customer may be informed that free local and national calls on their plan will no longer be available and that they will be charged standard call rates from that time forward.

Unreasonable Use

Some or our plans are designed for domestic use and others for commercial use. We believe that it is Unreasonable Use for domestic plans to be used by businesses whose activities include heavy incoming or outgoing telephone traffic.

Commercial use includes the following activities:

  1. runninig a call centre or telemarketing operations.
  2. re-supplying or reselling the service.
  3. where the majority of the service use is for generating an income.

We consider the use of a service to be unreasonable if you make or receive calls on our Network other than for your own personal use. We may give or withhold our consent, or make our consent subject to conditions, at our discretion.

We consider your use of iSage Home Budget Bundle Unreasonable Use if your use of iSage Home Budget Bundle is considered fraudulent by iSage, or the use adversely affects the iSage Network or another customer's use of, or access to, an iSage Service or Network.

"Fraudulent" use includes, but is not limited to, resupplying an iSage Service without iSage's consent so that a third party may access or use iSage Services or take advantage of iSage Home Budget Bundle free calls. In addition, where we consider your use of iSage Home Budget Bundle free calls to be Unreasonable Use or that your use does not comply with the terms and conditions of the Service, then we may suspend your access to that or any other promotion or offer immediately, without notice to you..

Illegal and Infringing Use

You must not use the Service to breach any applicable criminal laws or to infringe on the rights of a third party. This includes, without limitation:

  1. fraudulent, deceptive or illegal activity;
  2. infringement of copyright, trademarks or other intellectual property rights;
  3. infringement of laws relating to censorship and classification of material;
  4. using the Service to create, forward or distribute defamatory statements.

If you have a usage concern or query, please contact

The iSage Fair Use Policy was last updated on 25th August 2010.

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