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1. Modification Type
Modification Type : Credit Card / Billing Details Change Plan or Package
  (Please complete section 2, 3
and section 6)
(Please complete section 2, 4
and section 6)
2. Customer Details
Full Name:     Date of Birth:   
OR Company Name:     ABN:   
Billing Address:   
Town/Suburb:     Postcode:     Customer No .:   
Home Ph:     Work Ph:     Mobile:   
Email Address:     (for Accounts notices)
3. Credit Card Details
Monthly payment by: VISA MasterCard
Card Number:         Expiry Date:   
Cardholder Signature:     Date:   
Please note your signature constitutes sufficient authority for to or its nominee to initiate a transaction every month with the above Credit Card account for payment of any monies outstanding and due by you.
4. Change of Package Refer for current plan rates
Current Plan or Package
Plan or Package Name:     Monthly Fee: $  
Username:    ADSL Phone Number (with area code)  
New Plan or Package
Plan or Package Name:     Monthly Fee: $  
Please note that if you are changing ADSL line speed a charge of $30 will be incured. You new plan will not be implemented until the start or your next billing cycle unless otherwise arranged by iSage. If choosing a plan that involves the bundling of you phone line please fill in section 5. Authority to Pre-Select.
5. Authority to Pre-Select Complete this section ONLY if bundling phones
I certify that I am the telephone account holder or an authorised representative of the account holder. I authorise iSage Internet to change my pre-select telephone carrier to iSage Internet for Local Calls, National Long Distance Calls, International Calls, calls to Mobiles, xDSL, Line Rentals and handsets (if in place) and any other pre-selectable services currently charged to the telephone service numbers I have nominated below. I am aware that iSage Internet will begin charging me once the line has been pre-selected and I accept the current rates and charges for my pre-selected telephone services as published at
Area Code    Telephone NumberArea Code    Telephone Number
1.        4.     
2.       5.     
Estimated value of calls per month: $   Current Provider:  
AND/OR I wish to order: NEW line installation  EXTRA line/s at same time  Line RE-ACTIVATION   Total required:
6. Customer Agreement
By signing this form I am stating that I have read and agreed to the iSage Internet Terms & Conditions as published at, and that all the details I have provided here are correct. I authorise iSage Internet to perform any necessary credit checks to support this application under Section 18(E)(1) (Privacy Act 1988). I am not under any contract with another provider and I will inform iSage Internet in writing of any changes to my details. I confirm I am 18 years of age or older and am authorised to enter into this agreement.
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