Direct Debit Request Form
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1. Customer Details
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2. Account Details
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Please note your signature constitutes sufficient authority for iSage Internet to to initiate a transaction on the 3rd of every month on the above account for payment of any monies outstanding and due by you.
3. Plan Selection
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4. Customer Agreement
By signing this form I am stating that I have read and agree to the iSage Internet Terms & Conditions as published at, and that all the details I have provided here are correct. I authorise iSage Internet to verify the above details with my financial institution, and to arrange for funds to be debited from the account details listed in Section 2, as prescribed through the Bulk Electronic Clearing System (BECS).
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5. Service Agreement
1. iSage Internet (the "Debit User") will debit the BSB/Account nominated in The Schedule of this Direct Debit Request as specified.
2. iSage Internet will give not less than 14 days written notice to the customer should it propose to vary the arrangements of this Direct Debit Request.
3. The customer(s) may request iSage Internet to defer or alter the payment amount specified in the Schedule of this Direct Debit Request. Requests authorising these changes must be made in writing by posted letter, fax or Members Area ticket to iSage Internet. Customer(s) may change the: Due Date of Payment, Payment Amount, Frequency of Payment.
Customer(s) wishing to vary the drawing account details specified in The Schedule of this Direct Debit Request must provide signed authority for such changes to be effected.
4. In compliance with the Industry's Direct Debit Claims Process, iSage Internet will assist customer(s) disputing any payment amount drawn on the nominated BSB/Account in The Schedule of this Direct Debit Request. iSage Internet will endeavor to resolve this matter within the Industry agreed timeframes. Customer(s) may visit any branch of their financial institution and complete a "Direct Debit System Claim Request" form to initiate the process.
5. iSage Internet advises that some Financial Institution accounts do not facilitate direct debits and as such the customer(s) must check with their Financial Institution to ensure the account nominated in The Schedule of this Direct Debit Request enables direct debiting.
6. It is the customer(s) responsibility to ensure at all times there is sufficient cleared funds available, at the due date of the debit drawing, to enable payment from the BSB/Account as nominated in The Schedule of this Direct Debit Request.
7. iSage Internet advises the debit drawing will be made on the agreed due date as nominated in The Schedule of this Direct Debit Request. When the due date is a closed business day iSage Internet will initiate the debit drawing on the next open business date. Customer(s) may direct processing inquiries to their financial institution.
A closed business day is defined as any calendar day on which the customer(s) financial institution is not open for direct debit processing. That is Weekends, Public Holidays - State, Public Holidays - National.
8. Where an unpaid debit item is returned by the customer(s) financial institution, iSage Internet will apply an Outward Dishonor Fee to the customer(s) account.
9. Customer(s) who wish to cancel this Direct Debit Request must notify iSage Internet in writing not less than 7 days before the next scheduled debit drawing. This request may be directed to iSage Internet or to a customer (s) financial institution.
10. iSage Internet requests the customer(s) to direct all inquires, disputes requests for payment changes or cancellation directly to them.
11. iSage Internet agrees to keep confidential all customer(s) records and account details contained in The Schedule of this Direct Debit Request unless authorised to release such information pursuant to a debit item dispute or similar event where the customer(s) has provided prior consent to do so.
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